The temples of Talikote

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Thalikoteya degulagalu-The temples of Talikote

Author: Shivappa N. Niralgi

Place: Hagaratagi, Talikote, Bijapur, Muddebihal,

Sri Niralagi presents an introductory review of the temples existing at Talikote since the reign of Badami Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Kalyana Chalukyas, Nolambas, etc., up to Bijapur sultans and Peshwas. In particular, Ramalingeshwara, Siddalingeshwara, Virabhaiseshwara temples; sculptures likeKkalamukha, Ganesha, Naga have been explained. A curious note on Pancha Peera Shahida Durga has been furnished. The role of Veera Maheshwaras has also been acknowledged.


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