Worship of Mailaralinga

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Mailaralinga devara aradhane-Worship of Mailaralinga

Author: Kum. Ba. Sadashivappa

Sri Sadashivappa presents a tradition of worshiping Mailaralinga especially among Male Goravas and Gorammas irrespective of caste and creed. He has also explained dress and ornaments they wear and the alms they get etc., based on the folk stories. The areas of worship are found in Karnataka (Mangasuli, Haveri, Baglakot, Balki, Kanakagiri, Kadur, Nagamangala, Mudukutore etc.,), Maharastra (Naladurga, Satara etc.,), Andhra (Meenagondi) and Goa. Karnikostva and its details also have been given.


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