Shivagange Thirthodbhava – A Scientific Analysis

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Shivagange thirthodbhava-ondu vaignanika vishleshane-Shivagange Thirthodbhava – A Scientific Analysis

Author:  Vedavathi S. Balu

Place: Shivagange, Nelamangala, Bengaluru, Honnudike, Mulkunte, Tumakuru

In this article,  the author gives historical evidences and scientific reasons for thirthodhbhava in Shivagange. An inscription found at Mulukunte Agrahara of Honnudike village in Tumkur of the year 1234AD mentions this event and the presence of Kakathiya king Prathaparudra in Girija Kalyana ritual at the temple. There are few documents of the period of Mysore Wodeyars which mention thirthodbhava. The author explains scientific facts for this occurrence and has given references (in English) from scientific journals in explaining this natural phenomena.



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