Madhuvanka Nadu during Vijayanagara Period

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Vijayanagara aadalitha kaaladalli Madhuvanka Naadu-Madhuvankanadu during Vijayanagara Period

Author:  Sunkam Govardhan

Place: Araga, Thirthahalli, Chandragutti

In this article, the author essays the historical ‘Madhuvanka Nadu’, a settlement in Araga region in Malnad, ruled by Marappa, one of the five Sangama brothers of Vijayanagara empire. Author quotes all inscriptions available in this region and sketches its history from the time of Shanthara’s,  Hoysalas to Vijayanagar periods. A map of the region is given which comprises of villages in and around Thirthahalli taluk.  Author lists the towns and villages which were part of Madhuvanka Nadu.



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