Two Evidences of Protohistoric Period in Magadi

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Magadiyalli itihasa aarambha kaalada kuruhugalu-Two Evidences of Proto Historic Period in Magadi

Author:  Dr. H. S. Gopala Rao

Place: Ennegere, BittasandraMagadi, Bengaluru

Author brings to light a dolmen which has temple like structure, in the fields of one Sri Channamaaraiah in Ennegere of Magadi taluk. Author compares this with the the megalithic dolmens found at Santhe Baachalli of K. R. Pet taluk in Mandya district. He states that the structure at Ennegere does not appear to belong to megalithic era but belongs to protohistoric era considering the  structure of the tomb. The shikara on top resembles that of 10th century temple shikaras of this region. Another interesting sketch of 8 persons dancing in front of a holy pyre is found  in the fields of one Mr. Panchaksharaiah at Bittasandra close to Ennegere village. Author,  with the help of such evidences available in Magadi taluk, says that this region must have been an important settlement during  protohistoric period.


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