Contributions of Chitrapura Saraswats to Cultural Heritage of Bangalore

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Bengalurina samskruthika abhivruddhiyalli chitrapura saraswatara (Bhanappa) paatra-Contributions of Chitrapura Saraswats to Cultural Heritage of Bangalore

Author:  Dr. Sushma Arur

Place: Kashmir, Uttara Kannada, Dakshina Kannada, Chitrapura, Shirali, Koppa, Goa, Bangalore

In this article, author traces the origin and history of Chitrapura Saraswat community also known as Bhanappa community. According to historians, the community has its origin in the Sarawati river region and they migrated to Goa, Konkan region during 12th century AD. Chitrapura Saraswats are Shaivaits and Gouda Saraswats are Vaishnavaits. The author has explained in detail the history of the community in Konkan region. She also gives details of establishment of Carana Union in Malleshwaram and its contribution to the cultural scene of Bangalore.


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