Nagadeva – Inscriptional Poet – With correct link

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Nagadeva shasana champu kavi -Nagadeva – Inscriptional Poet

Author:  Dr. Dhanavantha Hajavagola

Place: Kurtakoti, Gadag

In this article, the author discusses about an inscriptional poet Nagadeva of 11th century. He presents 3 poetic inscriptions composed by Nagadeva found at Kurthakoti, a village near Gadag. They belong to the period of Kalyana Chalukya King, Vikramadithya The 6th. Nagadeva excels in his compositions and describes himself as ‘Jaya Lakshmi Kantha’. He also was known as ‘Prasanna Kavi’. All the three inscriptions are composed in Champu metre, ‘Champu Style’. It consists of a mixture of prose (Gadya-Kavya) and poetry passages (Padya-Kavya), with verses interspersed among prose sections. The three inscriptions are:

1082 AD – This inscription praises the gallantry of chieftain Vaamadevaiah, of the prince Jayasinga who was the son of Vikramadithya The 6th. The poetry also beautify describes the lake, Kadala Kere.

1087 AD – This inscriptions consists of 17 ‘Kanda Vrithha’ (vrithha – commentary ) metre, decribes a Mahajana named Erega of Belkere.

1087 AD – This inscriptions consists of 34 ‘Kanda Vruthha’, speaks of donations made by Mori family to the temple of Daaseshwara (the present day Virupaksha temple at Kurtakoti) constructed by Naavida Daasa.


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  1. We shall be really happy if you could provide some detailed info on Aliya Rama raya . Who was brother in law of Sri krishna devaraya or may be Aliya of Krishna devaraya. With advanced regards Shekar avadahani

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