Kalyatazzappa of Kodagu

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Kodagina Kalyatajjappa -Kalyatazzappa of Kodagu

Author:  Dr. M G. Nagaraj, Dr. M. G. Chandrakanth


In this article, the authors present Kalyatazzappa,  a historical hero of the Kodagu who lived during the period of Virarajendra Odeya, the first king of Haleri dynasty. Along with Kaataalu Bolthu, a tribal hero and his intimate friend, Kalyatazzappa fought against Karnembahu of Tavunadu in favour of Haleri King in the 16th Century. The idol of Kalyatazzappa riding a horse with a royal umbrella can be seen in many shrines across Kodagu. Authors have presented the complete folk song which is still in vogue in the region.


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