Chandana Kere – A Study

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Chandana kereya prathamika adhyayana -Chandana Kere – A Study

Author:  Dr. H. Chandrashekar

Place: Chandanakere, Devadurgaa, Raichur

In this research paper, the author brings to light the ruins and other architectural remains of temples and a basadi found in Chandana Kere near Devadurga of Raichur district. This region was ruled by Kalyana Chalukyas in 10-12th centuries. Author explains in detail, the ruins of a shiva temple, a relatively new Hanuman temple, ruins of a Jaina Basadi, various memorial stones such as hero stones sand masti stones all scattered around this village. Author also has examined the fort at Devadurga which was built by a hindu ruler and later conquered by Muslim rulers.


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