Basavana Bagewadi – A Historic Region

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Basavana Bagewadi purathathva  – Basavana Bagewadi – Archeology and History

Author:  V.S. Badiger

Place: Basavana Bagewadi, Bijapura, Hipparagi, Kolhar. Ingaleshwar, Chimmalagi, Waddawadige, Hebbal, Huvina Hipparagi, Bagewadi, Managoli

The present Basavana Bagewadi taluk in Bijapura district was part of Tardawadi – 1000,  the region of antiquity. Hipparagi and Kolhar on the banks of the river Krishna are sites of paleo and middle-paleolithic age. Ingaleshwar is a microlithic site. Ingaleshwar,Kolhar, Chimmalagi, Waddawadige and Hebbal are proto-historic sites.

In the 27 villages of the taluk, 84 inscriptions have been found, of which two are unpublished. They all throw light on dynasties such as Rashtrakutas, Kalyana Chalukhya, Kalachuri and Yadavas. Ingaleshwar, Managoli and Salavadige were Jaina centres. Muttagi, Ingaleshwar and Managoli were Shaiva centres. Huvina Hipparagi, Bagewadi, Managoli, Ingaleshwar and Kolhar were Vaishnava centres. There were guilds of traders, weavers, betel sellers, etc in this region. The survey conducted in this study pertains to microlithic sites, proto-historic, medieval centres and also temples and images.



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