Suguturu Rulers

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Suguturu Arasu Manethana – ಸುಗುಟೂರು ಅರಸು ಮನೆತನ

Author:  Dr. P. V. Krishnamurthy

Place: Kolar, Mulbagal Hoskote, Anekal


Suguturu Kings ruled Sugaturu, Kolara, Mulbagalu, Hosakote and Anekal region during 14th and 18th centuries under Vijayanagara Kings. Numerous inscriptions and folklore of the region throw light on the origin, ancestry, administration, temples and tanks constructed by Suguturu Rulers. Through this research article, Dr P. V. Krishnamurthy presents his extensive study of these rulers. He traces their origin, constructs their genealogy, throws light on their administration and social welfare activities based on various inscriptional and historical sources.


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