A hero stone inscription from Madalur (Srirangapura)

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Madalurina veeragallu shasana shilpa-A hero stone inscription from Madalur (Srirangapura)

Author: Dr. Kareppagowda C. Patil

Place: Madalur, Munavalli, Savadatti, Belgaum

This hero stone inscription, already reported, yet unpublished, is standing in front of the siddeshwara temple at Madaluru(Srirangapura) a village  situated 10 km from Savadatti in Belgaum district. It refers to the 16th year of Chalukya Thribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI’s rule-29th February 1092. It states that certain Kuremba Galiga attacked Jakkiwada. Somagaunda of Jakkiwada fought bravely, fell in the battle field after killing several soldiers and attained Indra Lokha.


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