A study of temples and inscriptions of Nagarle, Nanjanagudu

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Nagarleya shasanagalu matthu devalayagalu-A study of temples and inscriptions of Nagarle, Nanjanagudu

Author:  Dr. H. Chandrasheskara

Place: Nagarle, Nanjanagudu, Mysore

In this article, the author presents detailed study of Nagarle village near Nanjanagudu taluk. Nagarle has been a famous educational center during 10th century. Four inscriptions of this place has been published in EC Vol 3. Author details the present state of these inscriptions and temples. A pillar inscription of the Ganga chieftain Permadi Rachamma is still standing in the village. There are inscriptions of another chieftain Vidyadhara who has made various donations to temples and mutts in the region. In light of these inscriptions which mainly belong to Gangas rule, author concludes Nagarle was famous educational and religious center during Ganga period. Presence of Parshwanatha basadi indicates presence of Jainism in the region.

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