Abhimanyu vada sculpture of Mahakuteshwara temple, Mahakuta

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Mahakutada Mahukuteshwara devalayada Abhimanyu vada shilpa-Abhimanyu vada sculpture of Mahakuteshwara temple

Author:  Ranganath Y. , Dr. R. H. Kulakarni

Place: Mahakuta, Badami, Bagalakote

The authors have given details of depiction of Abhimanyu’s valour during the 13th day of battle of Mahabharatha, depicted beautifully at the Mahakuteshwara temple , Mahakuta, Badami belonging to 6th century AD.  As can be seen in the sculpture, Abhimanyu is being held at bay by many great warriors like Drona, Karna, Ashwathhama, Duryodhana and Dushyasana. Also depicted is, how the Kaurava forces team up and kill a defenseless Abhimanyu, who famously uses the wheel of a broken chariot to fend of attackers in lieu of his weapons.  Authors say, this is one of the rarest depiction of war scene with Abhimanyu which is not seen in other ancient temples across Karnataka.

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