Aminagada – A Brief History

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Aminagada avasheshagalu -Aminagada – A Brief History

Author:  Kallanagouda Thippanagouda Patil

Place: Aminagada, Hunagunda, Bijapura

In this article, the author presents the history of Aminagada, a village in Hunagunda taluk of Vijapura district. This region was ruled by famous dynasties such as Badami Chalukya and Kalyana Chalukyas.  It came under the rule of Adilshahi kings in 16th century. During this period, they made Kenchana Gouda, a local hero and a loyal to the throne as the land lord of 360 villages. They conferred him the title ‘Ameena’ and hence forth he was known as Aminappa Deshayi and town was called Aminapura. Aminappa Deshayi constructed a fort on the nearby hillock. He also constructed Maruthi, Sangamanatha, Kenchamma temples inside the fort.  At present, the fort is in ruins and temples are still in existance. This town was famous for silk weaving industry which is still flourishing. In the later years, Chatrapathi Shivaji conquered the region and renamed Aminapura as AminaGada. Likewise he renamed the nearby village – Bheema Nayakana Halli as Bhimagada.

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