An unpublished Hoysala Inscription of Baraalu village

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Baraalu gramada aprakatitha shasana -An unpublished Hoysala Inscription of Baraalu village

Author:  Dr M. P. Mahadevaiah

Place: Hassan, Baralu, Channarayapatna

In this article, the author brings to light a new Hoysala inscription at Baraalu, a village in Channarayapatna of Hassan district, belonging to 12th century. The inscription contains five lines and records the donations made by Chikisethi and Kalisethi to the Hulla Jinallaya.  The author opines the names mentioned viz., Kaligowdi, Konthagowdi and Mahadevi in the present inscription were probably of the wives of the donors. On the basis of the contemporary  inscriptions, the present inscription has been dated to 1160-65 A.D.

The Hulla Jinalaya is located in Shravanabelagola and is also known as Bandara Basadi. It was constructed in 1159 AD by Hulla who was a Hoysala minister . The Basadi contains 24 Thirthankaras and also named as Chaturvimshati Basadi.  Several inscriptions are found here. Inscriptions give the names of the Jina Acharyas, life of Hulla and his achievements.  Hoysala king, Narasimha-I has praised the Basadi as Bhavya Choodamani because of its architectural  grandeur.

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