An unpublished inscription at Nuggehalli

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Nuggehalliya ondu aprakatitha shasana-An unpublished inscription at Nuggehalli

Author:  Sathyanaraya B. R , Manoj G.

Place: Nuggehalli, Channarayapattana, Hasana

In this article, author brings to light an inscription hidden underneath layers of white wash at the Sadhashiva temple of Nuggehalli, Hassan district. This inscription is dated 1257 AD and belongs to the period of Hoysala King Someshwara. It mentions waiver of taxes and grants given by one ‘Mallideva’ to the Sadhashiva temple. The author, with the help of other inscriptions of the same period, tries to identify the person- ‘Mallideva’. The inscription also gives information about Bommanna Dandanayaka who is mentioned in various inscriptions at Nuggehalli as the one who built Prasanna Keshava and Sadashiva temples. He is also credited for establishing an Agrahara called ‘Vijaya Somanathapura’ at Nuggehalli.


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