An Unpublished Inscription found at Huliyar

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Huliyar aprakatitha shansana -An unpublished inscription found at Huliyar

Author:  K. Nanjunda Prasad, Dr. M. G. Manjunatha

Place: Huliyar, Chikkanayakana Halli, Tumakuru

In this article, the authors bring to light, a stone inscription found at Mallikarjuna temple, Huliyar of Chikkanayakanahalli taluk. The authors have furnished the text of the inscription. They date it to 1208 AD, March 6th, to the rule of Veera Ballala, the grandson of the famous Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana. Inscription speaks of donation of land made by chieftain Govideva to the deity, Brahmeshwara. It also describes the gallantry of Govideva and gives a glimpse into the history of Hoysalas.

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