Ancient Ganapathi Temple at Peranankila near Hiryadka, Udupi

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Prachina kshetra Peranankila-Peranankila, Udupi – A historical village

Author:  K. Narayana Nayak

Place: Peranankila, Hiryadka, Udupi

In this article, author gives the mythological and historical facts about Peranankila, a village situated near Udupi. The village is famous for ancient temples of Lord Mahalingeshwara and Udbhava Ganapathi. It is interesting to note that the Ganesha idol here has only the head and has an interesting folk story associated with it. The historians have dated the idol to early 6th century and the temples to 8th century AD.  An inscription of late 13th century can be seen near the pond at Mahalingeshwara temple. It talks about the donations made by the Alupa queen Balla Mahadevi to the temples of Peranankila.

Prof. Gururaja Bhatt in his book ‘Studies in Tuluva History and Culture’  notes that

“This queen happened to be the most illustrious personality in the entire Alupa Dynasty… conducted the affairs of the State with dexterity, deligence and practical vision. She is described as a second Laxmi…. the wish gratifying Jewel to the needy… a Kalpatharu to her dependants, profuse in liberty… Her council of ministers was composed of five Pradhanas. Epigraphs reveal that she was sensitive to the multifarious problems of her subjects……. benevolent and spiritual’ minded. Her entire regime appears to have been one of contentment and political stability”

Peruna Senabhova was one of the chieftains in the region during the administration of Queen BallaMahaDevi, as can be in another inscription in the region. Author guesses that village Peranankila might have been named after this chieftain. At present the temple is maintained by Udupi Pejawara Mutt. Padubettu, Chitrabailu, Guddadabettu, Belpatre, Kudigrama, Kanamjaru, Belle, Marne, Atradi are some of the nearby villages with temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.


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