Antiquities of Siraguppa

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Siriguppeya Prachyavasheshagalu-Antiquities of Siraguppa

Author: V.Ramesh Karanth

Place: Siriguppa, Bellary, Shivamogga

Sri Karanth draws our attention to some relics found at Siriguppa a remote village in the forest about 10-12 miles from Hosagunda the capital of Santars; Eshwara temple at Deevarahalli of this village along with broken idols and hero stones (Turugola) are also found. An unpublished inscription also has come to the notice of the author, which says about the reign of Birarasa in whose period (1220­1283A.D.) one Maleyagowda constructed Eshwara temple. Broken idols of Ganapathi, SapthaMatrika, Naga, Veerabhadra and Bhadrakali sculptures are also spread out here.

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