Archaeological remains of Jaina Basadis at Basti Hoskote (Basadi Hoskote), K R Pete

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Basti Hoasakoteya Jaina Avasheshgalu, ondu adhyayana-Archaeological remains of Jaina Basadis at Basti Hoskote (Basadi Hoskote), K R Pete

Author:  Lingaraju

Place: Basti Hoskote (Basadi Hoskote), Kannambadi, Basti, K R Pete, Mandya

In this article, the author presents in detail, his studies of Jaina Basadis and inscriptional evidences at Basti Hosakote village. This village is now known as Kurubara Basti or A.K. Basti and is located on the banks of Krishna Raja Sagara backwaters. Authors says that, as told by villagers, one of the Basadis has been relocated here when many villages got submerged in KRS backwaters.

A 15ft statue of Lord Gomateshwara can be see here which the scholars have dated back to the Ganga period. Remains of two  basadis can be seen in the village and one of them is almost submerged in the backwaters. Beautiful sculptures of Thirthankaras, Yakshis, pillars and other architectural remains are scattered through out the area. The inscriptions mention this place as Manikyavolalu, Manikyadodaluru and they belong to the period of Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana and his son, Narasimha The I. One of the basadis, according to an inscription found at Basti village, K. R.Pet, was constructed by chieftain Punisamaiah during the reign of King Vishnuvardhana.

Author concludes that Basti Hoskote must have been an important Jaina center during the reign of Gangas and Hoysala Kings.


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