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Query By Srinivas SK


I am a frequent visitor to Tailur tank, near Maddur. I visit this place for bird photography. There is a veeragallu at Tailur tank, that is in a state of neglect. I’m not sure what this veeragallu represents.

I would be grateful f you could shed some light on this.



Academy Response:

Hello Sir, thanks for sharing the photo with us. This is not veeragallu. ( HeroStone/memorial stone). This image is of Sapta Mathrukas.

For more information about Sapta Matrukhas , you can refer to this document
But in the above study, they have completely ignored the worship and sculptures of Sapta Matrhukas in Karnataka. In Karnataka, it existed from 5th century itself, from the time of Kadambas. Sapta mathruka sculptures can be seen predominantly in southern Karnataka, which was part of Ganga dynasty (4th to 11th century AD)- region of Kolar, Tumkur, Bangalore, Mandya, Chamarajanagara, Chikkaballapur areas. Temple at Alur (early 9th centry AD), near Chamarajanagar has life size sculptures of the Mathrukas. They are usually seen in Shiva temples. Temples at Kolar,Mugur, Nagarle, Hunagunda are all Saptamatruka temples. Begur Nagareshwara temple, outskirts of Bangalore, houses Sapta Mathruka panel belonging to the same time period.
The one you have sent, belongs to Ganga period and appears from 10th-11th Century AD. Tailur, Maddur is located near Vaidyanathapura which has the famous Vidyanatheshwara temple of Ganga period. If possible please shelter it in a near by temple or school.
Tailuru Venkata Krishna who is a member of the academy is a resident of Tailur. You can consult him for any assistance.


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  1. must be exciting to find pieces of ancient sculpture etc.just lying around to be picked up. is it reproduction or genuine ?

  2. very much excited seeing this ancient sculpture, so many other sculptures need to be shed light on.

  3. There are so many stones written in old kannada,near an old Rice mill opposit to harijan colony.K.Shettahalli, srirangapatna Taluk.There are such stones in the wet lands near karighatt Hill also.Pleas try to find out. a.C.Chandra shekhar was residing in Srinivasa Agrahara,now in Bengaluru.

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