Bishtappaiah Mahapurusha -The builder of front gopura of Virupaksha temple

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Hampiya mukhya gopura nirmathru-Bishtappaiah Mahapursha -The builder of front gopura of Virupaksha temple

Author:  Vasundara Desai Mahapurusha

Place: Hampi, Sogi, Vittalapura, Mundaragi, Gadag, Hagaribommanahalli, Halasi, Rangapura, Bidirahalli, Galanatha, Haveri,

Sri Bishtappaiah was the person who re-constructed the front gopura of Virupaksha temple at Hampi during the mid 17th century. He was spiritually oriented and called Mahapurusha for his powerful persona.  The author belongs to the tenth generation from the family of Sri Bishtappaiah. The author furnishes various references and some new sources which throw light on his life and achievements.


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