• Chola Inscriptions of Mandya District – A Study

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    Mandya jilleya Chola shasanagalu – ondu vivechane-Chola Inscriptions of Mandya District – A Study

    Author:  Dr.  S. Shivaramu

    Place: Kannambadi, Pandavapura, Chinakurali, Balamuri, Bommur Agrahara, Kirangur, Srirangapattana, Vaidhyanathapura, Dooda Arasinakere, Maddur, Channappana Doddi, Halebudanooru, Mandya, Maravalli, Malavalli

    In this article, the author has mentioned all the published inscriptions of Mandya district pertaining to the period of Chola rule in Mandya region. Cholas defeated Gangas and Nolambas and the ruled the region from 985 AD for about 140 years until they were defeated by Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana between 1114 and 1116 AD. Chola inscriptions are found in Mandya, Srirangapattana, Maddur and Pandavapura regions. Author also says that there are no inscriptions available from the period of Rajendra Chola to Kulothunga Chola.


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