Freedom fighter and social reformer Smt. Yashodharamma Dasappa

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Swathanthrya horatagarthi, samaja sudharaki srimathi Yashodharamma Dasappa-Freedom fighter and social reformer Smt. Yashodharamma Dasappa

Author:  Dr. Mahadevi

Place: Bangalore, Mysore

In this article, the author sketches the life of noble leader Smt. Yashodharamma Dasappa. Mrs. Dasappa in spite of having born in a rich family and married to a well known lawyer Mr. H. C. Dasappa, chose to dedicate her life to social causes. She was an active social worker and freedom fighter.  She toured all over the State, encouraging and provoking women to take part in the Satyagraha movement. She went to jail in the famous Vidurashwatha episode and was an intern for several months. She was very fond of the movement for uplift of Harijans. A follower of Gandhian ideals, she served on several Parliamentary committees, and was part of Indian delegations to foreign countries. She was a minister in the State government under S Nigalingappa. In this article, author gives her life history and achievements in detail.


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