Galagali Avva- The First Woman in Haridasa Literary Tradition

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Prathama Harisada Mahile Galagali Avva-Galagali Avva- The First Woman in Haridasa Tradition

Author:  Hanamantha Thasagoankar

Place: Galagali, Bagalkote

The author has given details of life of Ramabai, famously known as Galagali Avva who lived in the later part of 17th century AD. Author sheds light on the genealogy of Galagali family and initiation of Galaglali Avva to the Haridasa Parampara and also has given few verses composed by Avva. Galagali Avva’s work is the first available literary work by a woman in Haridasa literary tradition in Karnataka.

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