Garadis of old Bangalore town

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Bengalurina Haleya Peteya Garadigalu – Garadis of old Bangalore town

Author:  Harihara Srinivasa Rao

Place: Bangalore, Bengaluru

In this research paper, Harihara Srinivasa Rao talks about Garadi – traditional wrestling schools of old Bangalore town. Author gives a list of all Garadis that once existed and also the ones which are still in operation owing to the passion of the owners, for the sport and preservation of ancestral heritage. Dodda Garadi is the oldest one and has a stone inscription dated 1680 AD. Author gives a glimpse into the early life of HyderAli in Bangalore town, his association with the Garadis and that he managed to include all Pailwans from all the Garadi’s of Bangalore Pete area for a battle against Devanahalli Palegars. He was able to impress upon Dalavayi Nanja Rajaiah of Mysore state through this win and gained respect and reward from the King. Author also has given details of different wrestling techniques as mentioned in old Kannada literature which are still being practiced in these Garadis.

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  2. I too like it very much.I have read an article obout kusthi-pehalwans of Gardi mane in Dodda Gardi Mane, Cottonpet was mentioned. Try please

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