Gardens of Hoysala Period – An Inscriptional Study

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Hoysala kaalada hoodotagala shasanoktha adhyayana-Gardens of Hoysala period-an Inscriptional study

Author:  Dr. T. Dayananda Patel

Place: Bandipur, Vaidyanathapura, Nagamangala, Karya grama, Dodda Hommada, Hedathale, T.Narasipura, Mavanuru, Tonnur, Melkote, Hunasuru, Basaralu, Anekannambadi, Elleshwara,


In this research article, the author presents a study of gardens, mentioned in inscriptions of Hoysala dynasty from 11th to 14th century AD. In his citations from inscriptions of Bandipur, Vaidyanathapura, Nagamangala, Karya grama, Dodda hommada, Hedathale, T.Narasipura, Mavanuru (Hassan) and Tonnur, he brings to light various types of gardens and fruit orchards that were in existence at that time. Author also gives an account of occasions on which they have been donated, donors and donee and caretakers of the garden. The shapes, dimensions, quantity, measures used, taxes imposed are well furnished.

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