Haveri, an agrahara and educational center – Historical study

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Prachina Agrahara  Haveri-Haveri, an Agrahara and Educational Center – Historical Study

Author:  Dr.  H. G. Chalavadi, Shakuntala H. Bajanthri

Place: Haveri

In this article, the authors give meaning of  ‘Agrahara’, its administration, main educational activities and how the successive dynasties have nurtured such settlements. There are various inscriptions available across Karnataka about donations made by Royals to the Pundits or ‘Mahajanas’ of agraharas as their encouragement for education. Authors mainly discuss the development of Haveri as a vast Agrahara and as a educational center. Authors quote various inscriptions of the time of Kalyana Chalukyas (11 and 12 century AD) which throw light on the history of  Haveri Agrahara.


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