Historical remains of Kadambas of Goa near Haliyala, Uttara Kannada

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Goveya Kadambara kaalada prachya dhakhalegalu-Historical remains of Kadambas of Goa near Haliyala, Uttara Kannada

Author:  Dr. Chennakka Pavate

Place: Haliyala, Madina Koppa, Kalasa Pura, Raya Pattana, Mundike

In this article, the author gives a glimpse of archaeological remains of Goan Kadamba’s near Haliyal taluk in Uttara Kannada district. Kadambas of Goa were feudatories of Kalyana Chalukyas. The famous Kadamba king of Goa, Jayakeshi, was married to Malala Devi, the daughter of  Kalyana Chalukya King, Vikramadithya VI (1076 – 1126 CE). Haliyal in Uttara Kannada was one of the major towns under the rule of Goan Kadambas. The field work by author and team has revealed many temples and memorial stones of this period. The author has given detailed descriptions of them, especially the beautiful idol of Surya Narayana at Mundike village.

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  1. If you can kindly send me the traslated (to English) version of this article, I’ll be greatful. Many people who donot know Kannada have been missing the chance of reading the very good articles being published in Kannada. If Kannada Ithihasa Academy takes an initiative and do some work, it will be very useful, and helpful to many a people interested in history. Thanks — Dr.Aravinda babu.P
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