Historical Tanks of Tumkur Region

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Tumakuru parisarada aithihaasika keregalu-Historical Tanks of Tumkur Region

Author:  Sridhara

Place: Kunigal, Tumakuru, Kaidala, Guluru, Mudugere, Hulumana Kuppe, Maidala, Bairasandra, Haraluru, Devarayana Durga, Chinuvadanahalli, Hebburu.

Though there are no major rivers in Tumkur district, the region houses more than 2000 lakes. The bigger and famous ones have interesting history associated with them.  Most of the villages, towns in Tumkur bare the names ending with Samudra/Sandra, Kere/Gere, Kunte or start with the name ‘Kodi’ which all denotes the abundance of water sources in the region.

In this paper, the author presents a comprehensive study of historical tanks in Tumkur region. He has furnished inscriptions, given historical facts and the present status of these tanks. Here is the list of few of the historical tanks mentioned in this article:

Kunigal Kere – Constructed by Sri Purusha of Ganga dynasty, Repaired by Rashtrakutas in the late 9th century.

Tumakuru Kere – Constructed by one ‘Thiyanna’ in 955 AD.

Kaidala Kere –  Constructed by Hoysala chieftain Gulibachideva.

Bheema Samudra in Gulur – Constructed by Hoysala chieftain Gulibaachideva in the name of his wife Nayakiti. One of the most beautiful lakes with ancient sculptures on the banks. The sculpture of a person folding his hands is said be of Gulibaachideva. It provides irrigation to 400 acres of nearby land.

Mudugere – Constructed by Sena Bova Maaraiah of Hoysala Kingdom. A detailed inscription at Kaidala mentions many such lakes.

Hulumanakappe – Constructed by one Honna Gouda in the name of his father Basi Gouda and called Baasi Samudra. This was during the reign of Hoysalas.

Maidala Kere – Constructed by Machiyakka /Maachavve wife of Hoysala chieftain Eshwara, and named it as lake Padmavathi. This is the main source of water for Tumkur city even now and irrigates 1800 acres of land. There are few sculptures on the banks and one of them is said to be of Machiyakka.

Haraluru Kere – Constructed by one Honnamaara Gouda in the memory of his mother Kachi Goudi and named it as ‘Kaachi Samudra’. This was during the reign of Hoysala King Veera Ramanatha.

Bukkaraaya Samudra and Pola Samudra near Devaraayana Durga – Constructed by Pola Nayaka during the reign of Veera Bukkanna of Vijayanagar. Jayamangali river originates from here.

Devaambudhi Kere near Hebbur – Constructed by one Doddaiah Arasu in 1729. The inscription at this lake in Hebbur is unique as it lists the names of workers, masons who built the lake.





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