History of Channapattana Toy Industry

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Channapattana Bombe Udyamada Itihasa -History of Channapattana Toy Making Industry

Author:  Dr. H. S. Basave Gowda

Place: Channapattana, Bengaluru

In this article, author sketches the history of Channpattana toys. Toy making industry has a history of 200-250 years which flourished in the region due to the high availability of soft wood called Haale Mara, (Wrightia tinctoria) which is easily chilsed and polished. A great number of the artisans engaged in lacquerware production are located around Channapatna town and near by villages. The craft flourished with support from Mysore Wodeyars and also during Tippu’s rule. With available historical sources, the author says that the craft of toy making was introduced in the region by a muslim, Baavas Mia. During early 19th century, Artisan Training Institute (A.T.I) was established to promote Channapatna toys. The ATI was established 94 years ago. Use of power lathes were introduced by Sayad Nizam who was sent to Japan by the Goverment of India to receive formal training in Japan traditional toy making industry. At present. the Karnataka Handicrafts Development Corporation provides the artisans necessary training and awareness about the changing trends. The Government of Karnataka has constructed a Lacquerware Craft Complex, which has a manufacturing centre with 32 turning lathe machines, at Channapatna.

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  2. history makes us to know more about our ancestors how they had developed toy industry…. with out their INTIATIVE it was not possible to reach these level… how japan technology also adopted…. IT IS THE BEST TIME TO THINK….. PRESENT WHAT VALUES CULTURE WE ARE GIVING TO OUR PRESENT GENERATION…. NICE ARTICLE… LOOKING FORWARD MANY ARTICLES

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