History of Daanivasa now submerged in Badhra backwaters

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Daanivasada doregalu-History of Daanivasa now submerged in Badhra backwaters

Author:  Dr.  B. Nanjunda Swamy

Place: Narasimharajapura, Balehalli, Baalehonnur, Chikkamagaluru, Kunigal, Moodabidri

The author presents the history of Daanivasa which once existed near Narasimharajapura and the genealogy of its rulers. He furnishes information from various sources like inscriptions, copper plates, literary works to establish the patronage of Daanivasa rulers for the Rambapuri Samsthana Mutt at Baalehonnur. Daanivasa got submerged in Badhra backwaters, but the Veerabadhra temple, Kotturu Basaveshwara and Vishnu temples which existed there have been relocated to Narasimharajapura. Daanivasa rulers ruled the region from the time of Hoysalas to 1600s till the Palegars of Tarikere took over. Keladi Nayaks conquered the region and later it came under the rule of Hyder Ali.


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