• History of Dharmasthala

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    Dharmasthala ugama mattu belanavige-History of Dharmasthala

    Author:  Dr.  Y. Umanatha Shenai

    Place: Kuduma, Dharmsthala, Dakshina Kannada

    The author presents the history of Dharmasthala in detail.  Dharmasthala was known as Kuduma till 15th century.   The author furnishes the inscriptions and other evidences and dates the existence of the temple to early 14th century. The pious couple Bharmanna Heggade and Ammu Ballalthi were the ones who established the temples in Kuduma.  Heggadehalli inscription (1731) of King of Kodagu, Haaleri Dodda Veerappa Odeya  and Kaanchodu inscription (1772) of  Devappa Raja Odeya speak of grants given to ‘Kudumada Manjunatha’ temple.   The article also gives complete details of how Dharmasthala grew under the administration of various Dharmadikaaris.

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