History of Kempe Gowda (Majestic) Circle, Bangalore

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Kempegowda vruttada itihasa-History of Kempe Gowda (Majestic) Circle, Bangalore

Author:  Thulasiram Nayak

Place: Bengaluru

Here is an interesting essay on the history of area surrounding Kempe Gowda Circle in Bangalore which was called Hanumanthapura. It was named after the chieftan Hanumantha Nayaka who built the Dharmabudhi lake during the reign of Immadi Kempe Gowda. The area is now called Majestic and got its name because of the film theater of the same name which existed there till recently. The author gives a detailed account of how most of the area (around 11 acres) which belonged to Gotturaiah Mutt, Uyyale Chatra, Shri Ramalingeshwara Mutt disintegrated over 200 years due to the inefficiency of the mutts, the government and greediness of land dwellers in that area. Now huge commercial buildings dot the area. Documents belonging to the mutt say that it was established by Keladi rulers who visited the area in early 15th century and they donated the surrounding land of about 11 acres to the upkeep of the mutt.

It is interesting to note that the Annamma temple and Anjaneya temple on Subedar Chatram road were built by Hanumantha Nayaka to house the idols he found while workings at the site of Dharmambhudi lake. He called the female deity as Annamma named after his wife Annamma.

A stone pillar of that period can still be seen at Kempe Gowda circle.


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