Holehonnuru -A Principality

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Holehonnur ondu aithihasika naadu- Holehonnur -A Principality

Author:  K. Jagannatha Shastry

Place: Holehonnur, Shivamogga, Shimoga

Places mentioned in the article:
Lakkavalli, Santebennur, Tavarageri, Yanahalli, Singanamane, Beharakoppa, Halebidu, Sankaragutti, Nalluru, Benkipura, Kumashi, Haranahalli, Ayyanuru, Gajanuru, Danivasa, Ajjampura, Hulligere, Bhadravathi

Holehonnur is a small town in Shimoga district, situated on the right bank of the river Bhadra.

It is mentioned as Suparnalaya in puranic stories. Hoysala Vinayaditya was suffering from leprosy. To ward-off this disease he undertook a pilgrimage of holy places and arrived at Suparnalaya Kshetra, during 1069 A. D. and took a dip in the river Bhadra and worshipped lord Suparneswara. He got relief from the disease. He made  arrangements for pooja of the deity. But as the disease did not vanish fully and a small patch remained on the fore-head, the king covered it with a flat piece of gold. Due to this, it is said, the place was named as Honnuru. During his second visit to the place in 1074 AD, he built a fort at Holehonnur and made it a principality by including 22 villages from Anavery Nadu, seven from Hanagavadi Nadu, 77 from Gangemandala, 13 from Guddamale Nadu and 57 villages from Benkipura Nadu.

During the reign of Harihara I of Vijayanagar, he strengthened the fort and appointed a “Nadiga'” as an administrator. Later Sadashivaraya of Vijayanagar presented this principality to Keladi Sadashivanayaka. During the reign of Hire Sankana Nayaka (1568 A. D.), Hanumappa Nayaka, the ruler of Santhebennur, annexed the fort of Holehonnur. If seems, for some time, this principality was under the rule of Jagadekadevaraya of Channapatna and Hire Venkatappanayaka of Keladi might have conquered it. Hole-honnur was made a Taluka and a Killedar was appointed to look after it. 

In 1648 A. D., Ahamed Khan and Mahamad Khan, Commanders of Bijapur, conquered Holehonnur and appointed Ramaji Panth Khemji Panth as Killedar. After seven years, Keladi Shivappa Nayaka conquered it and appointed his son Hire Bhadrappa Nayaka as an administrator and built a palace inside the fort. In 1666 A. D. Bijapur army led by Qulikhan, conquered Holehonnur. For fifty seven years it was under Bijapur rule. During this period, the subedar of Sira was the administrator. In 1724 A. D., Keladi Somasekhara Nayaka II purchased Holehonnur ta!uk for one lakh rupees and appointed Veerappaiah as an administrator. In 1763 AD, it came under the rule of Hyder Ali. It was a hobli headquarter under Tipu. During 1941-50 A. D. Bhadravathi Taluk was formed, and Holehonnur came under this taluk.

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