Inscriptional study of Bannur, Mandya district

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Shasanagala hinneleyalli Bannuru, ondu vivechane – Inscriptional study of Bannur, Mandya district

Author:  Vemagal Murthy

Place: Bannur, T. Narasipura, Mandya

This research article gives history of Bannur town in Mandya district of Karnataka. Bannur was an important political and religious center from the time of Gangas. According to inscriptions, Bannur was known by names Banniyuru, Vanniyuru, Vahnipura. Earliest inscription available is that of the Ganga King Shri Purusha of 8th century AD. Later Bannur became part of Chola empire and there are some inscriptions in Tamil of that period. Later it came under Hoysalas and Vijayanagar empires as part of Ummatthur, Therakanambi regions.

Study of inscriptions shows that, Bannur was an important religious center and had many temples. It was known as Jananatha Chathurvedi Mangala. Hanumantheshwara, Kailaseshwara, Vishnu Devalaya, Ramachandra and RaghupatiSwami are the main historical temples in the village. Since this place lies in the fertile belt of the river Kaveri, agriculture was in practice from more than thousand years as can be seen in inscriptions which speak about various donations made to the the temples in the form of agriculture/farm land. Author has given details of inscriptions that are housed in various temples across the town.


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