Jade Shankara temple at Navile

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Navileya JadeShankara Devalaya-Jade Shankara temple at Navile

Author: Ramu H. Sajjan

Place: Navile, Lingasuguru, Raichur

Sri Sajjan has traced the history of Jade Shankara temple at Navile since Kalyani Chalukyas. The donations made to the temple has been noted; especially the donation for performing the pooja ritual to foot sandals of Rajaguru Bhattaraka is highlighted. The author also draws our attention towards its Indo Sorsenic architecture of the repaired vimana shikhara. The original temple which had Tri-purusha sanctum architecture, now remain as single sanctum structured temple (probably due to a later modification) since its portions submerged in Narayanapura Dam back waters.

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