Kalise Nadu (Nada Kalasi in Sagara)- A Historical Study

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ಕಲಿಸೆನಾಡು ಒಂದು ಟಿಪ್ಪಣಿ- shasanagala hinneleyalli – Kalise Nadu A Historical Study

Author:  K. Jagannatha Shastry

Place: Nada Kalasi, Shivamogga, Humcha, Hosagunda, Sagara

Nada Kalasi is a tiny village in Sagar Taluk, Shimoga district. About 800 years ago it was the capital of Kalise Nadu, a principality.

The kings of Santhara dynasty ruled Potti Pomburcha principality having Pomburcha (modern Humcha) as capital from the 7th to the 12th century A. D. According to the local legend, Jinadatta was the founder of the kingdom as well as the capital, ‘Potti Pomburcha’. According to a folksong, before Jinadatta, this area was ruled by Kanakanayaka, a chief of local hill tribe, having ‘Kanakapura’ as its capital. Kanakanayaka was a disciple of Bhilleswara, the chief deity of Kanakapura. Jinadatta, after occupying the area, built a temple at Kanakapura for Goddess Padmavathi and founded a new capital by name ‘Pemburcha’. The area where the Bhilleswara Temple was situated became a separate village by name Bhilleswara.

It seems when Jinadatta captured this area Kanakanayaka and his followers left the place and came to  Hosagunda village in Sagar taluk, and settled there. After some years a small batch of this group might have come to Kalise village and settled there, and called themselves as devotees of Bhilleswara. After the Santhara kings left Patti-Pomburcha during 12th century, and descendants of Kanakanayaka became independent and ruled over Hosagunda Nadu till 13th century. During this period Kalise Nadu ,was also a principality ; the mandalikas of Kalisenadu were under the rule of the Hoysalas of Devasamudra. The first ruler of Hosagunda Nadu was Bommarasa, Keleyabbe was his daughter. She had a daughter by name Beeyabbarasi. Beeyabbarasi’s husband was Padavalagongana. They had a son  by name Boleyamma  Veggade. This Baleyamma Veggade became the son-in-law of Ballaveggade, the chief of Kalise Nadu. After Ballavaggade, Baleyamma Veggade became the Chief of Kalise Nadu.

Baleyamma Veggade was the Mandalika of Veeraballala II. Baleyamma Veggade built the Someswara temple at Kalise. After Baleyamma Vaggade, Beeredevarasa became the chief of Kalise Nadu. During this period, Bommarasa was ruling Pomburcha nadu. Beeradevarasa of Kalise captured – Pomburcha, defeated the king and plundered the capital. After Beradevarasa, no other chief of the principality was so powerful. Hence the nadu was merged into Hoysala Kingdom. Emperors of Vijayanagara, presented Kalisenadu to Chowdappa Nayaka founder of Keladi kingdom.

There are two temples at Kalise :The Rameswara and the Mallikarjuna. The Rameswara temple then called Someshwara temple, was built by Baleyamma Veggade in 1218 A. ID. It is of Hoysala style. The Mallikarjuna temple is more beautiful than the Rameswara. This Hoysala structure built on a stellar foundation has a garbhagriha, antarala and navaranga. Nandi in this temple is quite artistic.

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