Kudala Sangama – Jathaveda Muni Gadduge – An Ishwara Temple

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Jathaveda muni gadduge – idondu Ishwara devalaya-Kudala Sangama – Jathaveda Muni Gadduge – An Ishwara Temple

Author:  Dr.  H. Chandrashekara

Place: Kudalasangama, Bagilakote

The article presents in detail, the location, temples, inscriptions and restoration work done by ASI in Kudala Sangama.  So far 6 inscriptions are available about Kudala Sangama, the oldest of them is Karur inscription of Tamilnadu belonging to 11th century. The next inscription which mentions Kudala Sangama is in Sangameshwara temple dated 1160 AD. Author states that the temple which is known as Jathaveda Muni Gadduge in Kudala Sangama is in fact the 11th century Aacheshwara temple. He presents historical evidences to arrive this conclusion.

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