• Mahatma Gandhi and Nanjangud Taluk

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    Mahatma Gandhi and Nanjangud Taluk

    Author: Dr. Nirmal Raj

    Place: Nanjangud, Mysore

    Dr. Raj has described the relation between Gandhiji and Nanjangud Tq. especially with respect to Khadi movement. It has a historical and cultural connotation. He has highlighted the aspects of Hindu-Muslim unity, removal of untouchability, upliftment of Harijans and women, liquor ban, weaving, Khadi propagand etc., in communion with freedom fight which were interwoven with social, economics and cultural performance. How Gandiji’s visit to Nanjangud influenced many personalities including Nalvadi Krishna Raj Wodayer, Vishweshwaraiah, Mirja, Tagadur Ramachandra Rao, H.C. Dasappa, etc.,has been explained.

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