‘Mathadarsha’ of Guttalu and ‘Pattole Palame’ of Kodagu

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Guttalina ‘Mathadarsha’mathhu Kodagina ‘Pattole Palume’- ‘Mathadarsha’ of Guttalu and ‘Pattole Palame’ of Kodagu

Author: Dr. M.G. Nagaraj

Place: Mandya, Kodagu

Dr. Nagaraj has analysed the literary contents of the ‘Mathadarsha’ written by Muddappa of Guttalu which deals about the historical features of Tammadis, a worshiping community of Shiva found in various places of Karnataka, Andhra etc., Their cultural practices also have been explained ; The Coorg history and folklore, the reign of Haleri dynasty as explained in ‘Pattole Palame’ written by Nadikeri Chinnappa a famous folklorist has also been analysed in his essay.

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