Nagattara’s Record from Dodda Begur

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Doddabegurina Nagattarana Shasana -Nagattara’s Record from Dodda Begur

Author:  Dr. Devarakonda Reddy

Place: Beguru, Bengaluru

This inscription, found while clearing the foundation of the famous Begur temple is deciphered by Dr. Devarakonda Reddy and speaks of Nagattara, mentioned in four other records, and was a Ganga Officer ruling over Bempur-12.The record also calls him as Nanni Perbbana, to indicate the fact that he was a scion of the Bana family. Nagattara defeated Biravarma (perhaps Biramahendra mentioned in the famous Begur herostone, now in Bangalore Museum) and constructed the Somanatha temple and made grants for services in the temple. This 14-lined kannada record can be ascribed to about 890 A.D. The other inscription at Begur where the mention of ‘Benguluru’ can be found also belong to Natgattara’s period.

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