New Light on Hosangadi near Kundapur

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Hosangadiya mele hosa belaku -New Light on Hosangadi

Author:  Ambrayya Mata

Place: Hosangadi, Kundapura, Udupi

Hosangadi, 36 km from Kundapur (now prominent because of Varahi Project) has  many inscriptions, herostone,mastikals, stone pillars, remnant of palaces and also of temples and mathas. It was ruled by the Honnekambali family during the middle of 14th century. They appear to be Jaina-Bantas having connection with Jaina rulers of Humcha. From 1554, they were brought under Keladi supervision. Names of kings and queens of the family are seen in records in a series. Hosangadi was their capital. But according to the author they were not Jainas, but Shaivas, and had adopted the succession through female line (Aliya kattu). There are no Jaina Mathas in their territory but Jangama Mathas and many Shiva temples. At Tombottu there is a Ganapathi temple and an inscription not yet deciphered. It is described as their original place. Many remains of their rule like all forts, and places like Devaragudde, Kushtappana Bagilu, Hulikallu Betta, Metkal Gudda, underground forts and tanks and other places are described in detail in this article. Author concerns that the fort wall is crumbling and its stones are being pilfered, and the old fort may soon vanish.

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