Newly discovered memorial inscriptions of Hosur

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Hosura gramada nava shoditha smaraka shasanagalu-Newly discovered memorial inscriptions of Hosur

Author: Prof. M.S. Naregal

Place: Hosur, Gadag

Hosur, in Gadag taluk has yielded five newly discovered memorials duly inscribed.

1. The tiger hunting hero stone with inscription, standing near the ruined shiva temple of 13th AD.

2. The Naga stone inscription which refers to the installation of naga stone by Hemmadi Dandanayak

3. The nisidige inscription also of 13th century AD records the demise of a merchant by observing sallekhana ritual.

4,5. The other two memorial stone’s are significant, for one refer to a certain peasant’s demise, another having the caruns of two peacock with chauri bearers indicating the attainment of heaven by the peacocks. The reason for their death is not mentioned. But still it is a unique example of a memorial for peacocks.


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