Paroksha vinaya trikuta temples of Haveri District

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Haveri jilleya paroksha vinaya trikuta devalayagalu-Paroksha vinaya trikuta temples of Haveri District

Author: Dr. D.G. Kulakarni

Place: Haveri, Ranibennur, Hirekerur, Hanagal, Savanur, Dasharathahalli, Balligave, Abbaluru, Haralahalli, Honnathhi, Rattihalli

The author describes the structures of trikuta temples in Haveri districts and compares the architecture during Kalayana Chalukyas with that of the middle ages. In particular, he opines that the ‘parokshavinaya’ installed temples are built by a person, to one whom he is a devotee or for a honoring personality. These temples are built during lifetime of a person or after his death, in his name. Author cites certain inscriptions and interprets them from his point of view.

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