Pidari temple (Kolaramma temple) of Kolar in the background of inscriptions

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Shasanagala hinneleyalli Kolaramma devalaya- Pidari temple (Kolaramma temple) of Kolar in the background of inscriptions

Author:  R. Venkatesha Murthy

Place: Kolar

The Pidari temple of Kolar, built earlier to 10th century AD, is now called the Kolaramma temple. Kolaramma is identified as Chamundeshwari among the Sapta Matrikas, and two sets of images of these seven mothers, one in stucco and one in stone are also seen in the precincts of the temple. The shrine with stucco figures appears to be the oldest. But the stucco figures are of Chola times. It appears that they were installed in the place where the stone figures had been installed earlier. The idol of the main deity in Garbha Gruha is of Mahisha Mardhini. Scholars identity the 6ft tall idol in the Sukanasi as the oldest and the original deity Kolaramma, also called Chelamma, Pidaramma and MookhaNancharamma.

Of the 21 records in the temple 18 are in Tamil and the rest are in Kannada, the oldest belongs to 996 A.D. and the lastest to 1538AD. There existed a brick temple during Ganga times, which was renovated in stone by Rajendra Chola in 1033 AD. The record of 1071AD speaks of the deities, services and servents in the temple. Originally, Pidari was a village deity, and the Cholas seem to have enchanced her sanctity. Yogini and Yogeshwara Puja, Kanya- puja, Chamundi Homa, etc. were performed here. Both Shakta and Vaidhika services prevailed in the temple.


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