Renowned Maratha personalities of Vishveshwarapuram, Bangalore

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Bengaluru Vishveshwarapurada marata ganyaru -Renowned Maratha personalities of Vishveshwarapuram, Bangalore

Author:  Dr. Shyamala Rathnakumari

Place: Vishveshwarapuram, Banaglore

In this article, author gives details of famous Maratha families who settled in Vishveshwarapuram during Mysore rule. This locality was formed in 1918, named after the Diwan of Mysore state, Sir, M. Vishveshwaraiah. Maratha families bought sites here when the land was auctioned by the state.

Many Maratha families settled in Bangalore region in early 17th century when Shahji Bonsle defeated Kempegowda II and captured the fort and the city. Later during HyderAli and Tippu’s governance, Marathas were appointed to important positions in the city administration.

Dr. Shyamala, in this  article,  has given details of eminent personalities, namely, of Sri Mutthoji Rao Sindhya (Shindhye), Sri M. Ramachandra Rao Shindhye, Smt. Mutthhu Baayi Manay and Sri Nagesh Rao Manay , their achievements and their contribution to the society.

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