• Restudy of ‘Dodderi Kalaga’ a poetic folk story

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    Janapada kathana geete ‘Dodderi Kalaga’-Restudy of ‘Dodderi Kalaga’ a poetic folk story

    Author: Prof. Lakshman Telagavi

    Place: Dodderi, Challkere, Biligere, Chitradurga

    Prof. Telagavi brings out in his comparative analysis, the folklore aspects and historical facts and bridges the genuine unanimity between them, – an interesting attempt. History says about Dodderi war as one of the famous war against the Mogals by the Chitradurga army and Maratha army jointly. The valour of Bharamanna Nayaka of Chitradurga, is mainly responsible for the success in the war, according the folk song, and his personality has been extolled here. The song also furnishes more historically oriented factors regarding Ranadodderi, Gunpowder tolerant Birana, how the deadly Mogal soldiers were reduced to the pathetic position of disguising themselves as merchants, ryats, agriculture mazdoors etc., to save their lives due to the suicide of KhasimKhan, their commandant subedar. The author also has presented the historical datas furnished by Late Dr. G.S. Dikshit and Hullur Srinivas Jois, and evaluated the missing links through this folk song and other historical source regarding the Dodderi clash.

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  • Shivappa Rajendrappa says:Reply
    November 18, 2013 at 10:29 am

    quite interesting and thought provoking

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