Saalagunde, Sindanur – A Historical Place

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Prachina aithihasika nagari Saalagunde-Salagunde – A Historical Place

Author:  Shashwatha Swami Mukkundi Mata

Place: Sindanuru, Raichuru

The author gives detailed history of beautiful Saalagunde village on the banks of river Thungabadhra near Sindanur, Raichur district. Saalagunde was the capital of Sindas who were feudatories of Kalyana Chalukya. There are many inscriptions and  ruins in the surroundings which throw light on the glorious history of this place. Bachiga Bhupa, one of the famous kings who ruled the region has constructed many temples and ponds. Nagadeva , a general has constructed a huge tank called Jakkambhavi, named after his mother Jakkanambe in 1065 AD. This tank is said to be among the biggest tanks of that period. An inscription belonging to this period gives beautiful descriptions of the village, beauty of Jakkanambe, the mother of Nagadeva and praises Somadeva, the father of Nagadeva as ‘Kannada Shikamani’. This description of Somadeva as ‘Kannada Shikamani’  is of extreme importance in studying the history and development of Kannada language since this inscription belongs to early 11th century.

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